06 December 2019

ISIS attacks the US again

ISIS penetrates the Naval Air Station at Pensacola, FL.

On 11 September 2001 the US Home Defence was penetrated by Arab terrorists; the Twin Towers in Manhattan was the al Qaeda success story of the day.

On 6 December 2019 the Naval Air Station was penetrated by an Arab terrorist; US citizens were shot in an area where carrying guns is prohibited.

05 December 2019

Nancy Pelosi Unhinged

Biden Fades Away

26 September 2019

George Papadopoulos Exposes Joe Biden

19 September 2019

Tribal Mob Violence in South Africa Explained

The Problem of Adult Stabbings of Children in China

One of the worlds' biggest problems is being overlooked.

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16 September 2019

Islam is Emotional Cancer

13 September 2019

Christians are listening now

Bertrand, they didn't listen to you then ... perhaps they'll listen now.

Jim Jordan hits James Comey out of the park

10 September 2019

The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight | Bill Moyers 15 April 2014

15 APRIL 2014.

Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, joins Bill Moyers to talk about what he calls Washington's "Deep State," in which elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests.

"It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war," Lofgren tells Moyers.

Abolish Involuntary Male Circumcision

More and more, circumcision is frowned upon. 

Explaining Indian Kashmir

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Open Border Democrats

08 September 2019

Topless Women are Beautiful right?

Aliaa makes a great point. Personally I would like to make my own judgment on whether or not a woman looks better without a top if she chooses to go without one.

All societies and communities are patriarchal in nature. Unfortunately, as we have found out throught the ages, Patriarchy breeds Tyranny.

Women are the Victims.

The Impact of Early Emotional Neglect

A shout out to all the other survivors of early childhood emotional neglect.

Afghanistan. Mother of all shit hole countries.

From 22 August 2019. 

Jamie Glazov and Phil Haney call out the flimsy foundation of negotiating with the Taliban.

On 8 September 2019 President Donald J Trump cancelled the upcoming planned 'secret peace negotiations' scheduled at Camp David.

It is my opinion that the Afghan government, with the Taliban, share an ideology that is vehemently anti-Western. 

My Solution.

Steps NATO should take:

  1. Evacuate everybody who renounces Islam and accepts a secular lifestyle. 
  2. Leave Afghanistan to work out their own problems.

Liberty Lovers Have Lost The Culture Wars?

Brandon Cropper looks at the past and sees the future. 

31 August 2019

Annex Judea & Samaria NOW

Let's hear from Tim Mynett

Spitfires with Merlin engines

Crying Liberals fail to grasp the Big Picture

I knew it! Recycling is a SCAM!

Ilhan Omar is a Murderer? Is this even possible?

28 August 2019

China is Ripe for Internal Revolution

The year 2019 sees the sparking of the revolution against the Chinese Communist Party.

As the world watches Hong Kong stand up to the Chinese Communist Party a crack in the fear, by the people, of the CCP is emerging.

This shows a glaring weakness in the CCP and which inevitably will be the cause of its downfall.

Steve Bannon talks smart about China:

27 August 2019

Islamic State attacks Hamas. Wait, what?

Yes folks we couldn't make this stuff up.

In Gaza, which is run by the ultra-extreme Islamist terror group Hamas, Hamas was attacked by Islamic State, and people were killed.

Islamic State is very much like Hamas. But, way more extreme on the Islam.

Like I said, one can't make this stuff up.

It's Muslim on Muslim killing. This is a phenomenon that has continued unabated for close to 1,400 years.

It is my opinion that Muslims will never stop killing Muslims. It is for this reason that the wider world does not have a problem with Islam.

Those Islamic fuckers are crazy. Will they implode as a threat to the West?

Representative Ilhan Omar Is In More Trouble

23 August 2019

Jewish Ritual Circumcision | Interviewing An Unborn

Circumcision tools

Jewish Ritual Circumcision | An Interview In The Womb

The Actors:

1.      The Jewish God
2.      Unborn Sidney Winston, seven days before birth.

The Premise:

The Jewish God tells Unborn Sidney Winston what awaits him. Because, being born a Jew is not pleasant.

The Interview:

The Jewish God (G): Hello sweet Jewish male child. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Jewish God and you will live your life according to rituals and traditions that have been passed down to you over hundreds of decades. You can call me G.
Unborn Sidney Winston (USW): Hello G. What do you mean by rituals and traditions? Are they fun, and informative? Will they help me in ensuring I use critical thinking throughout my life?
G: Informative, yes. Fun, no. In fact, I have some rather concerning news for you regarding what is going to happen to you shortly after your birth.
USW: G, hang on a moment. This already sounds like a deal that I want to opt out of. Where is my escape?
G: Don’t you want to hear about the concerning news? You have no escape so you might as well hear it. From the G’s mouth. That was a joke.
USW: All I know right now is that my mother loves me. She will protect me from any harm. I know that instinctively.

G: I’m glad you mentioned instinct. Yes indeed it is instinctive for mothers to protect their newborn babies. However, I am  the mighty Jewish God.
USW: I am not following you G. So, please explain a bit more clearly.

G: Your mother, your ‘loving’ mother will protect you for seven days and not one day longer.
USW: What happens after seven days? I am getting nervous to hear the answer.
G: Brace yourself as this will come as a shock to you. On the eighth day after your birth your mother will betray you. She won’t give it a second thought. 
USW: No she won’t. She is my mother and she loves me.
G: I am The Jewish God and your mother loves me more than she loves you. And, I am about to prove it to you.
USW: I really cannot believe that my mother will voluntarily not protect me from harm. Besides, what harm eight days after birth awaits me? 
G: Again, I ask you to brace yourself for what I am about to tell you.
USW: Really, G, what could it be? A tattoo on my arm? I can’t think of anything worse than that a mother would voluntarily allow happen to her son.
G: Okay, this is what will happen. Your mother will voluntarily give you over to a strange man. This man is very dangerous. This man is a Mohel.

USW: So, my mother gives me voluntarily to a man called a Mohel. Is he the one who gives me the tattoo? You do know that if I get tattooed it is on my body for life right?
G: Sorry chum, it’s worse than that. Your Mohel is going to mutilate your genitals.

USW: G, fuck off, you are scaring me with that sort of talk. Moreover, I scare easily, what with me being so unborn and all.

G: Yes this will all happen. You have no choice. The Mohel will mutilate your penis. He will cut your foreskin. It will hurt. A lot. No pain killer. No medical training.
USW: No. No. Just no. No. Why?
G: No good reason. 
USW: But, G, why? Why?
G: Because I am The Jewish God, And, I say so.
Jewish Ritual Circumcision. The Epilogue
As predicted by The Jewish God, Sidney Winston was voluntarily handed over to a Mohel trained in the mutilation of male genitalia.
This genital maiming of Jewish males by Mohels continues to this day. On the other hand, one of the main reasons that this egregious practice still continues is because of The Jewish Girl.
The Jewish Girl will ultimately become a Jewish Mother. And, she will be trained to say that mutilated male genitalia ‘look better’. Yes, for that reason alone.
Because they ‘look better’. 
I mean, really, what does this say about The Jewish Girl? What does it say about the Jewish Mother?
And, above all, what does this say about The Jewish God?

By Wikipedia Loves Art participant “The_Grotto” – Uploaded from the Wikipedia Loves Art photo pool on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0Link

Jeffrey Epstein | Prince Andrew | Bill Clinton

  1. Who else knew about this?
  2. What did they do with the information?
  3. Why did the media not focus on this a decade ago?

I am following Shaun Attwood on this issue. An educated man, he knows about business life and he knows about prison life. The link is to his YouTube channel.

There are so many names. High profile names; connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

Names of people directly connected to the sex ring run by Mr Epstein are astounding.

High profile names off the top of my head are
  • Prince Andrew
  • Bill Clinton
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Senator NameICantRememberOrMightBeWrongAbout
  • Governor NameIcantRememberButMightBeCorrectAbout
I guess I have to 'do my research a bit more', so I can fill in the blanks. 

Which I will do.

So, watch this space!

22 August 2019

Amber Drug Dealer Prostitute Tax Evader

Amber Drug Dealer Black Widow

Amber Drug Dealer Prostitute Lake Charles to Jennings. Louisiana.

Firstly, to anyone from JENNINGS to LAKE CHARLES do not purchase drug or prostitution services from this person.

Amber Star Reuter, to her credit, runs very successful prostitution and illicit drug dealing businesses from her home. Certainly, tax-free cash is the sweetest deal for the unscrupulous. More later about this. You'll love it.

What I find most troubling about this situation is only that this Amber 'woman' has children living in the house with her. Most importantly, her children are there when prostitution and drug dealing occur at her house.

The reason I find this most troubling is because her children are of high school age. And, this being the case the role model Amber the Mother is setting for children can only be ultimately harmful.

Child Protection Services, along with DEA officials, should be sent to Amber's home. Firstly, to ensure the protection of Amber’s children, and also, the public at large.

Amber has a reputation of being a black widow wife. Three marriages, three mysterious deaths of each spouse she married. More about this later.

Bronzee Immigration Fraudster

Bronzee Immigration Fraudster | An interview with her victim.

I was very fortunate to have been able to conduct an interview with an actual victim of immigration fraud. So, let me introduce Karl.
Karl is not his real name. This is in order to protect his identity or whereabouts.
As it turns out, and I will let Karl tell the story himself, not only was Karl the victim of immigration fraud, he is also the victim of violent physical abuse by his ‘mail order bride’ Bronzee.

The interview:

“I met Bronzee through a network of online matchmakers. She was young, smart, and shy. This is what initially attracted me to her. She was presented to me as a trained medical doctor, which fascinated me and caused me to ignore all those madly waving red flags.
Bronzee would talk to me on the phone when we were just getting to know each other. She conveyed to me how much she loved me and wanted to start a family with me. I was, I must admit, somewhat uplifted that Bronzee actually seemed to like me.
To this day I am not sure how the paperwork managed to be completed so soon. But, Bronzee arrived here in the United States much sooner than I would normally expect as the process of getting immigration paperwork through the system was a slow one.
Perhaps they had improved so much that now immigration is a lightning fast process. I don’t know.
We married very shortly after Bronzee landed and, at her insistence, we proceeded to start a family.”


Bronzee, well, Bronzee is a manipulator. I must admit that she is very good at it. A master manipulator I would say in her case.

“I couldn’t have been happier when Bronzee told me she was pregnant for the second time. And, with twins!
What a fantastic event we had after the twins were born. All our friends were there. Family as well.
This is when things started to unravel between Bronzee and I. I think it all started at the Pakistani mosque we had hired – Bronzee’s idea – to hold the happy event surrounding the twins’ birth at.
Bronzee changed after that. I think she had a meeting with some of the mosque’s leaders.
She began to regularly berate me, and insult me. She would pick on the smallest of peeves in order to vent her anger uncontrollably.
The twins about half a year old when the verbal abuse I was receiving on a daily basis from Bronzee became physical abuse.
Mostly she punched me on my arms and in my stomach. I had bruises and I ached. I was confused and I hurt.
That last day, when she held the knife. She wanted to kill me. Her eyes looked at me with a cold callousness. She wanted me dead.”

Bronzee Immigration Fraudster, the Life Insurance scam. Failed.

“The life insurance. It was the life insurance she was after. I contacted a lawyer who consulted with law enforcement and ICE officials. They advised me to keep as far a distance between Bronzee and me as possible. 
There is a VOR (Violent Offenders Register) in my state. Bronzee was forced, through her violent actions, to register on the VOR. She is recognized as a credible danger to men.
My advice to those looking for ‘Email Brides’ is to not look for Email Brides. They, at least those from Pakistan, are Bad News with a Smile.

21 August 2019

Sascha Owes Child Support | Scumbag Dad

Drugs instead of child support payments.

Sascha Owes Child Support.

Most importantly, he owes eight years of back child support.

For his eight year old daughter. On the other hand, what can one expect from scumbag dad Sascha Voigtmann?

The following textual narrative is written by a very upset uncle of Sascha’s neglected daughter. 

Brendan Grech to Sascha Voigtmann

“Mate you’re such a liar you believe your own shit???

Lol you might be able to make yourself look Pretty on Facebook but all the people outside of it know who you are so defend yourself as much as you want I don’t give a fuck…

And all you seem to be about is presents… That’s not even the point though you’re full of shit…

You had plenty of times when Beck gave you chances to prove yourself and be a dad…

Going to Big W and Target buying presents now doesn’t make you shit???

That’s right my fucking family did it all…

And nappies you haven’t bought one… And yes drugs you’re a fucking pothead and not to mention whatever else you took….

You didn’t even come down to your daughter’s birth… Who misses that???

Ohhh that’s right the police were after you??? Are they still???

Were you at your own daughter’s birth??? No that’s fucking right…

And when was the last time you bought your daughter a so called gift???

My sister has done more than any parent should have to do on their own and gave you many chances but if you didn’t get caught cheating on dating sites then drugs then pushing my sister…

I’ll tell you what delete my friend request because I have no remorse for you you scum bag…

Why don’t you go see how your son is too from the other girl’s life you fucked around with….”

Sascha Owes Child Support

“The the reason, ladies, he has no child rights is because the piece of shit hasn’t paid child support since the kid was born or even bought nappies….

How old are you bro??? And you didn’t have a job for years?? Why don’t you grow the fuck up and then your life wouldn’t be so messed.

Your life is a result of your own actions…

You got 10 years on me and I’m more man then you will ever be. So stop with the sympathy stories and fuck off.”