27 January 2020

Jerrold Nadler Drops Dead

When Representative Elijah Cummings was in the House lying about President Trump I remember sending Cumming a thought. My thought to Rep. Cummings was, "I think you must disassociate; time to die."

And then, the Evil Cummings died.

I have been thinking lately about Representative Jerrold Nadler. Nadler has been lying about President Trump for many months.

About the Evil Nadler I have been thinking, "I think you must disassociate; time to die."

This is the thought I am sending to Rep. Nadler.

However, for you, as well as for me, it is Time To Wait.

23 January 2020

An Example of Democrat Intellect

Every Republican I know is smarter than every Democrat I know; if, of course, this is a prime example of the Deluded Democrat.